Select the Right Candidate

Psychological measurements of knowledge, abilities, personality traits with Click2Cert 7 PTI Framework.

7 Domains
7PTI is a highly effective tool that helps to identify development needs in 7 different domains.
The interpretation of the test is also analysed using SWOT analysis.
32 Personality Traits
Reveals 32 personality characteristics structured around widely accepted global factors of personality.
Reduces Risk
Helps reduce risk when recruiting, developing key players or making major development investments.
Predicts Behaviour
Delivers objective, empirical measurement of personality traits that accurately predicts behaviour.
Detailed Reports
Offers a wide range of comprehensive reports in dimensions of Seven.
Online Test
Provides easy, quick, timely, convenient administration and scoring via online assessment.
Colour Test
The various 32 personality factors are measured using colour preferences by the test taker.
Overall Picture
Unlike other assessments used in business, this establishes a fully rounded picture of the individual.